Oak Springs Mountain Ranch

We Take Pride In Our Ranch.  Oak Springs Mountain Ranch consist of 411 acreas of pasture meadows, hay fields and woodland.  We love to horseback ride or four wheel, checking on fence and cattle and just wondering over the beautiful mountain range. 
"A Great Place To Live and Prosper"

The mission of Oak Springs Mountain Ranch is to provide superior products that are healthy and with great taste.  

We produce:

"Salad Grown" Beef
"Cabrito" Young goat meat
"Happy" Chickens (eggs and broilers)
"Fresh" Vegetables, fruits and nuts

Oak Springs Mountain Ranch is located in the foothills of the Ozarks. Having over four hundred acres of gods nature to look at every morning, is truly a blessing.

The ranch was homesteaded by the infamous Harve Bruce, during the Homestead Act of 1862.

Bruce Creek (named after Harve Bruce) runs through the Southeast section of the ranch. Bruce Creek runs into Little Red River which feeds Greers Ferry Lake.

We encourage you to read The Legend of Harve Bruce  and learn the extreme measures he took to care for his family.

One of the most exciting and rewarding events for us is raising calves. Early management decisons determine the relative success of the calves entire life, and its first year is its most critical.
We are in the healing business, healing of our land, healing of the food we eat and healing of our culture thinking that mass production of processed meats is the answer society needs.

Yes, we do worm our livestock and occasionally use pest controlled chemicals.

But, we do not feed our livestock any dead animals, hormones, chicken manure or fermented forage that you get in the grocery store from mass overcrowded feedlots.

Oak Springs Mountain Ranch maintains clean, green pastures that our cattle love to graze upon and we produce our own hay which is fed during the winter months.

Part of the farm was purchased in 2001, with the rest being purchased in 2003. 

Half of the land was  clear cut and is now consumed of dense young forest; mainly Oak, Pine, Hickory and other varieties of trees which provide forageing for the herd of Boer Meat Goats..

About 120 acres of pasture land
is used to raise livestock, hay meadows and row crops.

This is an aerial pic of Oak Springs Mountain Ranch. If you look closely, you can see the old homestead, garden, hayfield and even the cows out grazing in the field.
aerial farm

Oak Springs Mountain Ranch provides much of the necessities of life, right here on the ranch. You can find out more by visiting http://self-sufficient-farm-living.com/

Our livestock is “Salad Grown”, they forage on green pastures and are rotated regularly to prevent overgrazing the land.

Don't for get to check out our picture page.  There, you will find current pictures of our farm and family.  Also, we provide additonal links to video's taken on the farm.

Contact us to order your Salad Grown Beef Today.  Our beef is processed by a USDA certified and approved processing plant. 

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