Oak Springs Mountain Ranch

We Take Pride In Our Ranch.  Oak Springs Mountain Ranch consist of 411 acreas of pasture meadows, hay fields and woodland.  We love to horseback ride or four wheel, checking on fence and cattle and just wondering over the beautiful mountain range. 

Pictures of Family, Friends and Farm Critters!   


Oak Springs Mountain Ranch tries to keep family and friends up-to-date with current pictures.  Come back often and see what's new!

Watch these video's of the farm:  

http://youtu.be/MaQqoxs5vsI  Red's Baby Calf

http://youtu.be/JLXhtaRtXik      Boar Meat Goats

http://youtu.be/YJn3EGdlpco    Grandpa Buck and Grandma Martha

http://youtu.be/S91z5cl556M    Brian and the Great Pyrenees

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Brian and Grandma Martha sitting at the kitchen table. Yes she is actually holding a beer, but I noticed the cap was still on. She is an awesome grandma. I guess there is always a first time for everyone.  Grandma really enjoyed her visit and added one more fun memory to her long list of many.
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